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Aperture Priority Mode

Hey there!! Welcome back to my blog! In this one, We will see the different priority modes, and how and when they should be used. So let's get this party going!! In this blog, you are going to see the different modes which are present on the dial which is on the top of your camera. If you take a look at it, you can see there are many letters on top of it. Before you go crazy trying to figure out what on earth do those alphabets mean, I will break it down for you. There are four exposure modes: Programmed Auto/Program (P), Shutter Priority (S/Tv), Aperture Priority (A/Av), and Manual (M). So in this blog, only Aperture priority will be covered. Use Of Aperture Priority Modes These priority modes help bridge the big gap between Auto mode and Manual mode users and are also a great way for Auto users to turn to Manual. this is so as these modes will only be focusing on one element at a time so that the user dives fully into an experimental mode. Aperture Priority mode is a way in which

Spot Metering

I'm back with your weekly dose of photography basics.  Hello everyone!! welcome back to photography for beginners! The last blog was about Center-weighted metering mode and Matrix metering mode, and as promised, today will be about Spot metering. So without any further ado, let's get into it. Spotting the problem. The last two modes we discussed had one thing in common, Both of these metering modes covered large parts of the frame to find out the perfect exposure. But now, we have a mode that is the total opposite, in fact, it only takes into consideration about 2 to 3 percent of the whole screen! Now some of you might be questioning this statement, "How are we supposed to use this mode in our day to day photography, if it takes a small speck of the whole screen for setting the exposure?". Well, you aren't wrong. This mode of metering is only made for those photos that have their subject take up only a bit of the frame.  As you see, this flower looks properly expo


Metering Hello everybody, and welcome back to my blog! May  is a beautiful  month  for both hemispheres. In the North, spring is gradually blooming into summer, while the South celebrates the beautiful colors of autumn and its harvest. Time for the perfect photo 📸, ain't it! In my two previous blogs, I wrote about ISO, Aperture and Shutter Speed, and also, Exposure triangle. In this blog, I will be explaining two modes of metering, out of a total of three. So hang in there for this next blog! What is Metering? It is vital to understand what “Metering” means. Metering indicates using the light meter in your camera to read light, and no, it doesn't mean staring into a source of light. What it actually implies is measuring the amount of light entering the camera and correcting it to make the pic look well lit. Modes of Metering There are 3 main metering modes: •Center-weighted average metering •Evaluative pattern/ matrix metering. •Spot Metering. On modern di