Aperture Priority Mode

Hey there!! Welcome back to my blog! In this one, We will see the different priority modes, and how and when they should be used. So let's get this party going!!

In this blog, you are going to see the different modes which are present on the dial which is on the top of your camera. If you take a look at it, you can see there are many letters on top of it. Before you go crazy trying to figure out what on earth do those alphabets mean, I will break it down for you. There are four exposure modes: Programmed Auto/Program (P), Shutter Priority (S/Tv), Aperture Priority (A/Av), and Manual (M). So in this blog, only Aperture priority will be covered.

Use Of Aperture Priority Modes

These priority modes help bridge the big gap between Auto mode and Manual mode users and are also a great way for Auto users to turn to Manual. this is so as these modes will only be focusing on one element at a time so that the user dives fully into an experimental mode.

Aperture Priority mode is a way in which you can individually learn how to use Aperture while leaving the rest of the function onto the camera to set automatically. This is an excellent way of learning how each and every certain function and figuring out the optimal way of using them. Go ahead and try to fiddle with the aperture controls while in Aperture priority mode. You will see that when you increase or decrease your F/Stops, the ISO or your shutter speed will increase. Do you know why that happens? Well, the answer is pretty simple. The ISO and Shutter speed is automatically adjusted to fulfill the brightness/dullness which is caused by the Aperture settings. If you see, the same process is repeated in Shutter priority, except this time, you have control over the Shutter speed. ISO and Aperture are all automatically controlled by the camera. 

Where is it used?

As you know, Aperture plays a great role in taking portraits, and what is better than only having to worry about your focusing and leaving the lighting issue on your camera?? Well, that's exactly what Aperture priority is most useful for. keep in mind, you can use this moe for other types of shooting. but this mode, by far is the most effective. 

With that being said, this is all for today, stay tuned for the remaining priority modes and much more to be released in the future.

Goodbye, and stay safe!!