Spot Metering

I'm back with your weekly dose of photography basics. 

Hello everyone!! welcome back to photography for beginners! The last blog was about Center-weighted metering mode and Matrix metering mode, and as promised, today will be about Spot metering. So without any further ado, let's get into it.

Spotting the problem.

The last two modes we discussed had one thing in common, Both of these metering modes covered large parts of the frame to find out the perfect exposure. But now, we have a mode that is the total opposite, in fact, it only takes into consideration about 2 to 3 percent of the whole screen! Now some of you might be questioning this statement, "How are we supposed to use this mode in our day to day photography, if it takes a small speck of the whole screen for setting the exposure?". Well, you aren't wrong. This mode of metering is only made for those photos that have their subject take up only a bit of the frame. 
Spot focusing – Bengys Photography 101
As you see, this flower looks properly exposed due to spot metering. And I can guarantee you that no other Metering mode would be as helpful for flower photography as Spot metering. Take my word for it!!

Spot Metering is also for those situations, where there is considerable contrast with the rest of the surroundings. Also, unlike the Center-weighted mode, you can move the spot around the screen to suit your subject. Here is a comparison to help you select a suitable modes in different scenarios.

How to Select an Exposure Metering Mode with a Nikon D3100 - dummies

In this pic, you can see the direct comparison between all three types of metering modes. Since you know that Center-weighted is the best mode for pictures that have their subject in the middle. you will easily be able to tell that the statue looks pretty good through it.


I hope you were able to understand all three modes of metering and how to use them. Remember, only use Center-weighted mode when you have the subject right in the middle of the frame. Spot metering is only to be used when a small part of the screen is covered by the subject, or when the subject is in contrast with it's surrounding. 

Here is a short video for you by Pixel Village to help your understanding of the metering modes even more. Hope this helps!! Thanks Pixel Village ...

Good luck, and happy shooting!!🤗