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Program Mode

Have you ever heard of P (stands for 'program') mode? It can be found on the top dial of your camera. It lets you control any few elements that you want to play around, or understand, bringing out your creativity. It gives you relatively less control over the camera unlike the rest of the priority modes we have studied.  By using program mode, you will be able to unlock the more creative features of using a camera, instead of just being able to set the exposure triangle, or the white balance, which can get pretty boring... program mode gives you more control than the auto mode, but relatively less control than manual or the other priority modes that we have seen so far. This mode will be pretty useful if you don't necessarily understand what should be the proper exposure settings you should use, then you could choose to handle white balance or anything else. The camera will decide by itself what should be the proper exposure! If you don't like it, you can always work on