Composition and its Laws

 So what is composition? Composition is what guides our eyes through a photograph and gives importance to the subject with the rest of the photo. Composition through flow, direction, and visual balance, helps drive the story behind your image and grabs your viewer’s attention.

The better the composition, the more attractive and eye-catching it becomes.

So, there will are certain composition laws and tips you can use to make your photo more attractive.

The Rule of thirds:

When everyone first starts, They have a natural tendency to put the subject in the dead middle. Well, that isn't always the best.

The rule of thirds suggests dividing the image into a 3x3 with equal-sized squares, and to place the subject in any of the four intersecting lines.

Center Composition:

The second law is the Centered composition. We all know that photography is an art form, and like all other art forms, it has its exceptions. This law suggests keeping the image straight and simple. And like the name suggests, place the subject dead center. This type is not always good in all environments but makes sure to be careful and check all your options before doing this.

Don't Cut Off Limbs

Keep an eye on the edges of your frame to make sure your subject you're photographing hasn't had any of their body parts chopped off by it. Cutting off your cat's tail, your dog's ears, or even part of your model's head, will not only spoil your shot, but the unintentional limb chopping can also pull attention away from what the viewer should be looking at. Of course, there are times when this rule can be ignored but for the most part, pay attention to it.